BLACK ANGEL- (Psy Trance and Fullon)
Nathalia Ribeiro, lover of electronic music since her childhood, was at her first rave in 2014, where she created an inexplicable love for Trance! Her first performance was at Bali Lounge RJ where she started playing Progressive Trance and Psy Trance. In 2016 she decided to learn music production and moved to a more underground line of Psy Trance and FullOn, as she felt a deeper connection. Wherever she went she conquered everyone with her charisma, humility and a captivating sound full of elements, mantras and psychedelia. Some of her inspirations are, Ekanta, G.M.S., Astrix, Altruims, Rising Dust, among others. With a lot of passion for what she does, nathalia started studying music production, to evolve her connection with music, and promises new releases with an organic sound and full of psychedelic elements. Black Angel will blow up the track with his tracks, in order to transmit all his energy and a great trip for lovers of psychedelia!