KEBETA – means ability, skill, dexterity. I am a sound producer and DJ who raises dance music to the rank of real art. “Sophisticated, refined, brilliant!” – about my every mix they say with invariably loud epithets. Three times the best DJ of Vinnytsia, “Opening of the Year” according to VITA TV channel, Darwin Award nominee, the most famous electronic musician of Podillya. Master of complex rhythmic textures and stylish melodies at the junction of break, ethnicity and house progress. A real superstar, whose track record includes collaborations with Mordax Bastards and Virad; own party in the pizzeria “DESERT” and touring throughout the region. My melodies are something out of the ordinary for the world of melodic techno. In the dry, ascetic world of “music of sex minorities” KEBETA is able to find those harmonies and combinations of notes that reveal in the listener the whole palette of emotions – sadness, happiness, dreamy longing and joy of the moment. Don’t miss it! Twice a month you will listen to music that is easy to find or not, on well-known TG channels, performed by me. Smile! Not all DJs are pathetic or serious dudes and dudes! To be sincere, to be real, to be yourself and to do your job well, that’s what true happiness is!