At 17 he started as a DJ
At age 18, he conducts his first live electronic music radio show on local radio, He starts the path as a producer.
At age 20 he participated in a national DJ competition, becoming champion of Galicia in his autonomous community.
He plays at festivals, discos … between Spain and Portugal.
2003 – Due to personal problems, he is temporarily absent from music.
2016 – He returns to the electronic scene with new challenges and projects …
He creates a new radio program format, focused on supporting emerging artists on the electronic scene, and is broadcast on various national and international radio stations, Argentina, Holland, Colombia, Spain, Italy, USA, UK.
giving the name of: Climax by RDoldán
2018 – He focuses more on music production.
2019 – He created and founded his label WAFO Music, in honor of his deceased brother … a label dedicated to electronic music and with the ideology of supporting emerging producers.
His first works as a producer on his label come to light:
– Wafo my Brother 1 part (Original) (RDoldan Remix)
– This Time Is You Time (Original) (RDoldan Remix)
2020 – He founds and directs the Electronic Music Festival Foz Côa Online Fest (live streaming), based in Portugal.
He performs various performances at National and International Festivals, broadcast by LiveStreaming.
He makes appearances as DJ GUEST in radio programs, National and International.
Create his website WWW.RDOLDAN.COM
He makes a new radio show, focused on showing the darker side of him as an artist, called BE YOURSELF.
Create a new CANAL TV SHOW format to continue promoting support for the electronic scene.
He is a member of the English collective UNDERGROUNDKOLLEKTIV (UDGK)
At the end of the year, he founded a new electronic music festival (live streaming), based in Portugal.
Sons de FICARO (Figueira de Castelo Rodrigo)
2021 – It inaugurates a new format of radio program, called WAFO RADIOSHOW.
This Time Is Your Time – WAFO music – 7/29/2019
Wafo My Brother 1 Part – WAFO music – 7/29/2019
Move Circus (RDOLDAN REMIX) – WAFO music – 8/23/2019
Duda Thunder – WAFO music – 04/10/2019
Licuoso O Clock (RDOLDAN REMIX) – WAFO music – 12/30/2019
JMPortobello – WAFO music – 1/17/2020
Empathic Response (RDOLDAN REMIX) – Desire Records 2/26/2020
El Acadio – WAFO music – 2/28/2020
Division Groove, Vol. 10 – Groovematics – 4/30/2020