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With his energetic and adventurous spirit, Bulgarian-based Theodore Vasilev found techno his genre to freely express himself.

An ever-growing desire to inspire people with his music is constantly driving him.

In 2015 he had a huge impact on people with his techno bootleg of Stellamara – Prituri se Planinata.
The next year he made a techno remix with sounds and vocals from the video game “Alice Madness Returns” that was a huge success for his young DJ career.
Both tracks are supported by a lot of local DJ’s and not only.

He played in a few clubs in his town, as well as in Sofia.
In 2019 he was a guest at BOX TV’s Solis Show with a groovy techno mix.
In 2020 he started a video podcast called “Sunseekers”.
So far he has recorded 14 sets all of them at different and interesting destinations.
You can watch them all in Youtube & Facebook and listen in Mixcloud.
2022 will be something special for him as he is releasing a lot of original productions.

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