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I started from a very young age at the age of 9 working on AM Radio in my hometown here in San Cristóbal – Venezuela, then I went on to work on FM Radio Stations.  In the 80s I formed my own Mobile Sound Club and that’s how I later went on to work in various clubs in my city and the rest of the country.  During the 90s I was playing in several countries of the South American Continent and that’s when several My Mix Set Radios began to play.  In the year 2000, he became the exclusive DJ of the most important Brewing Company in Venezuela, such as the Polar companies, and that is where I do most of the Parties of all the Universities in the Country and in 2007 I was one of the Pioneer DJs for play live via the Web for the prestigious Radio Radio4by4.com in the City of Los Angeles in the USA.
 From that year on I have played all over the South American continent and my Sessions have also sounded on several World Radios.  Today my Mixes sound in the USA, Canada, Colombia, Kazakhstan, Spain, Turkey, Uruguay, Germany, Brazil, Argentina, Russia, Peru, Curacao, Egypt, Ecuador, Portugal, England, Chile, Panama, Mexico, El Salvador, Belgium, They are more than 41 years of experience as a DJ.  I am currently 53 years old.  And I’m a Sound Engineer.  Eng in Telecommunications I currently work here in Mi País Venezuela at the Universidad de Los Andes (ULA) as head of the general direction of communication media at the University.

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